Welcome to the new website!

Yikes!! My first blog!!

It is definitely overdue, but LeoraCashe.com has a new look! Please have a good look around…kick the tires, slam the doors, click the buttons… and drop us a line if you find any issues, problems, or have any ideas on how to improve.

You’ll find some cool things, like a sweet little audio player at the bottom of the page. (I’ve added a song from every CD to its playlist) There’s also a nifty feature when you go to “ shows“; you can click on iCal-Google and add the event to your calendar! Never miss another gig! 🙂

My youTube channel is shaping up as well. Jaye has been working hard on the video side of things, and he’s found some vintage footage which we will be posting soon to add to my video collection. Plus, he is putting his fifteen years experience in the VFX film industry to good use to create some new videos! So please subscribe to my youTube channel, and we’ll let you know as we post them! And please do forward the videos to all your friends!

Wander around, watch a video, listen to a tune, and have fun! Thanks so much for your help!

Yours in music, Leora

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